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1. Does it hurt?

Most people are surprised at how little it hurts.  It does depends on the size, duration and placement of the tattoo you’re having, also an individuals pain threshold. Rather than the burning, intense feeling of a machine tattoo hand poke tattooing is similar too tiny repetitive plucking hairs, or little pricks.

2. Are they permanent?

Yes hand poke tattoos are permanent just as with a machine tattoo. They do have a more delicate, handmade feel to them.

3. How long does the tattoo take?

They do take longer than a machine tattoo, but that's part of the magic of the process. My studio is designed to be a relaxing space to enjoy getting tattooed. I am happy to have music playing or you're welcome to listen to a podcast if you'd like. The length of time depends completely on the design, when you book I will give you a rough timescale.

I advise not making other plans the same day, as it could take longer than expected and also your body needs to rest as the healing process starts. 

4. Am I able to take breaks?

Of course!! We are only human, if either you or myself need a quick breather to get a drink or have a stretch that is absolutely fine. Please don't be afraid to ask for as many breaks as you need.

5. Do you prefer to talk or be silent?

Whatever makes you most comfortable is the simple answer to this. I am happy to have a good chat whilst we tattoo or if you'd prefer a quiet appointment then we will just discuss the essentials and you're welcome to put headphones in if you'd like. 

I know a lot of people struggle with anxiety and the thought of having to make conversation or coming to a new place can be scary, so anything I can do to make you comfortable just let me know!

6. Where do you tattoo?

At the moment I am only tattooing anywhere on the arms or legs, and back pieces. 

I'm not currently tattooing fingers or feet i'm afraid. 

7. Can I bring someone with me?

There isn't much space in the studio for guests but if you feel you need someone for support I can see what we can do. Please advise me of this beforehand.

8. How can I arrange a touch up?

I offer a free touch up within the first 6 months. Please just get in touch via email to arrange a date, and with some photos of what you think needs touching up.

9. What do I wear to get tattooed?

Dark, loose fitting clothes are a good option. With easy access to the area that needs to be tattooed. 

10. What if I need to reschedule?

Please give me at least 72-48 hours notice so I can try to fill the space. If you reschedule more than once you will need to pay a new deposit to secure the spot.

If you cancel or no show you please be aware that deposits are non-refundable.

11. What do I need to do before my appointment?

  • Please avoid drinking alcohol the night before your appointment and get a good sleep. If you are under the influence of either drink or drugs I will not tattoo you on the day.

  • Have a shower and gently exfoliate on the day of your tattoo.  Please do not apply any moisturiser or creams on the area before your tattoo.

  • Try to be well hydrated and have had something to eat before your appointment. If you feel you will need a snack then feel free to bring something (not anything messy!)

  • Wear loose clothing that allows easy access to the tattoo area. 

  • If you are sunburnt, unfortunately you will have to reschedule as I can not tattoo on sunburn.

12. Are you licensed?

Yes, I am fully licensed with East Devon District Council and comply with all the health and safety regulations.

13. How can I pay you?

I prefer bacs to pay your deposit and cash on the day or bacs.

14. How long till I can play sport/work out?

I would advise avoiding heavy sweating for a week to allow the tattoo to heal. I will give more detailed care instructions in your aftercare sheet.

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